In 1998, first Home Care Service team was set up with 2 staffs. Nowadays, Hospice and
    Home Care Service team has 24 staff members including physiologists, nurses and keepers. This
    service held under coordination with Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Oncology Department’s
    Doctor Özlem Gürkut and goes every region of Cyprus for 24 hours. Dialing up Home Care Service
    Team’s number is enough to get the service. Air beds, oxygen tubes, wheeled chair and other required
    materials are provided by association as free of charge.

    Hospice service is also the first in TRNC. Late stage cancer patients can stay in hospice and
    take advantage of being looked after, find chance to attain their hobbies and have happier days passed.
    It is a great honor that, life expectancy of some patients can be prolonged. Care Service members also
    look after the patients as a day long time. So the relatives of patients find a chance get rest or to deal
    with works.

    According to the demands of patients and patients’ relatives; association’s physiologists visit
    homes, carrying out interviews with them and helping to overcome the difficulties.



    Help Those with Cancer Association which has been established in 1993 under the aim
    of providing the right and precise treatment to the patients within better and much appropriate
    circumstances in state of the art buildings rather than “Internal Service”, has achieved this aim in 1998
    after compelling and long process.

    Hence the Association in collaboration with the volunteers built up the first 9-bed Oncology
    Section in Thalassemia Centre within Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital. Our association that has
    also emphasized on the lack of oncologist in the country has brought medical oncologist Prof. Dr.
    ÖzgÜr Özyılkan to island for medication of patients and has also allocated 3 nurses and 1 secretary in
    Oncology Section.

    Instead of this service which has become inadequate in following years, the association
    transformed the polyclinic which found in Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital, into 28-bed Oncology
    Service again in collaboration with the volunteers in 2007. Thus, the association has accomplished
    the first and employed Assistant Professor Dr. Umut Dişel as a permanent oncologist until the mid-
    2009. The working team of doctor has been increased to 24. Over time as some employers passed to
    government, there have been left 8 employers which consisting of 2 psychologists, 3 in oncology, 2 in
    early diagnosis, 1 in nuclear medicine, working under the name of hospital and serving to those who
    suffer from cancer.

    Oncology service is still working for the patients in Outpatient Diagnostic Centre which has
    been built in contributions of “Sivil Savunma Teskilat Baskanligi”.
    Shuttle bus and Translator Service to the Patients who go Sothern Cyprus