Help Those with Cancer Association knows that the best way of prevention the increment of
    cancer cases is the studies for raising the awareness. Hence, educational studies department set up and
    organizing seminars and little group interviews are held for informing people against cancer. Team
    members visit all parts of the north Cyprus.

    The main target of organized seminars are, to give comprehensive knowledge regarding the
    cancer and to assist for preventing the consequences to children at primary school level and youngsters
    at summer camps in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. In those seminars; consciousness
    about the cancer, the most frequent types of cancer, its causes, symptoms, and prevention from cancer,
    the dangers of smoking and the importance of balanced diet are also mentioned with the support of
    awareness-raising brochures.

    Little group interviews are also organised to inform women about breast and cervix cancer.
    Women participating in conversations find a chance to learn applied self-detection methods for breast

    Statistical research for epidemiological map over North Cyprus is also held.

    Besides of having provided equipment backup and room availability for many years to
    children having cancer disease from early ages, Help Those With Cancer Association also has been
    providing education support, allowance when those children travel to overseas and has been giving
    morale to those children on special days such as birthday parties and by letting them to travel to
    overseas in summer holidays.

    The association built up the “Hope” Education and Culture Centre which is the first of its
    kind. In “Hope” Centre, it has been provided lessons of subjects such as English, Mathematics, in
    accordance to needs and requests of the children who have had problems of catch up in their studies
    during the treatment. Furthermore, “Hope” Centre provides music therapy, sessions with families and
    children accompanied by psychiatrist. And music courses, theatre workshops, chess courses and Greek
    speech courses to those children are organized. Moreover, children become happier by doing some
    physical activities in game rooms which are situated in “Hope” Centre. The educational films being
    watched in presentation room and the commentaries and exchange of views made about the books read
    are alternative ways of education.

    To sum up, “Hope” Centre is a place for any teen to get prepared there and to start to an adult

    Any musical instrument is provided for any child who has talents in music in “Hope”
    Education and Culture Centre. Hence, at the first stage “Group Hope” has been set up and Gökhan
    Gökberk, Gönül Gökberk, İmge Ertalu, Ahmet Güvenler,Emine Ferit,Ayşe Yalnız constitute the music group as the first
    staff members.

    “Hope” Centre has become an “opening door of the hope” for all the children, teens and their
    families day by day and can be regarded as a cultural palace for them.