Raziye Kocaismail was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991. Due to the sensitivity of her family and friends, she was able to receive treatment and surgeries in London with barely sufficient finance. There, the moral and financial support she received from her loved ones was well received, however it was the longing to be with her children once again which spurred her on. With the hope to be with her children once again, despite the adverse situation, Raziye Kocaismail had the courage to fight cancer. This hope strengthened after her first surgery, however the second and third consecutive surgeries meant she suffered a blow. This blow had a financial and spiritual impact on her and her loved ones. After overcoming the illness and returning to Cyprus, she thought up alternative ways cancer facilities could be improved there. To raise awareness of cancer and to strive for better cancer care in the TRNC, Raziye Kocaismail decided to establish the association which was founded on the 26th May 1993.