History of the Association and Purpose of Establishment

  • Raziye Kocaismail was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991. Through the sensitivity of her
    family and friends, she has been to London with barely sufficient money for her surgery and treatment.
    Financial supports and heart full of love from friends was moral. But there were lots of problems like
    being away from her children. In spite of all those negations, desire of being with children provided
    her an extra effort for fighting against cancer. After the harsh days overcome, as she came back to
    Cyprus, she started to thought alternative ways in order to help every cancer patient in any way. Also
    to parry negation of cancer patient, to raise awareness of cancer and to struggle for better cancer care
    in TRNC, Raziye Kocaismail decided to establish the association. The association was founded in 26
    May 1993.