Board of Directors

  • The Help Those With Cancer Association  held their X. Ordinary  General  Meeting on Sunday  the 21st of  February  2016 at the Near East University / Great Library in  Hall 4, the association was accomplished by a hall filled with members.

    The General Assembly of the Help For Those With Cancer Association's started with an opening speech made form  the  Board of Directors  following a minute’s silence tributed to all cancer patients  following by  a speech from the Founding President of the Association of Raziye  Kocaismail

    The members and patients that filled the hall listened with great interest as Kocaismail evaluated and assessed  the 23 years between 1993 and 2016 explaining how much the association has grown and gained since that time.

    Kocaismail explained and thanked everyone including all the people working in cooperation to help support the association financially such as paying for the salaries of the staff  of the assocaition which include those working in line Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital and  south  Cyprus and thanking people from  all communities such as soldier’s in their military services,  Home Care Service Teams which have  working carers in Guest Houses,  civil servants, businessmen and teachers  all  which have  intensive contributions  and love of the association   to help buy their drugs and cover some of their treatment costs . The speech was followed by a request for a  huge applaued from the members.

    The genereal assembly continued by the created  committiee.  Chosen  by  the the members the committiee was identified as; The Chairman Saffet Nadir and  the secretaries   Şerif  Özhür and Zarifşen  Menteşoğlu.

    Following in presence of Bora Özsoy  Treasurer the amendments to the statute of the achievements of the  association,  the assembly continued   with laundered activity and financial reports. Then, the selection of Management and the Supervisory Board was held. It was approved by the desire and the applause of all participants for Raziye Kocaismail to continue with the task of presidental candidate as she was the only candidate.

    The chairman of the Board of Directors, Audit commiittiee, Disciplinary commiittiee and the youth branches were identified at the Help For Those with Cancer Associaiton X. Ordinary General Meeting held on Sunday  the 21st of  February  2016  The president of the Associaiton, The Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Disciplinary Committee and the Youth Wing were chosen unanimously by the memeber in the following way,

    The Head Chairman: Raziye Kocaismail

    1)            Ayşe Kanlıada ( head representative)

    2)            Av. Saffet Nadiri (assistant head)

    3. Şerif Özhür ( general secretary)

    4. Ahmet Ertay (financial affairs)

    5. Bahar Gökhan (social affairs)

    6. Av. Gülten Özcihangirli ( member of board of directories)

    7. Dincel Şükrettin ( member of BD)

    8. Ersin Nizam (member of BD)

    9. Fatma Güral (member of BD )

    10. Fatma Sabri (member of BD  )

    11. Hasan Kelebek (member of BD   )

    12. Keziban Dikmenay (member of BD )

    13. Mustafa Kemal Dayı (member of BD)

    14. Meliha Önder ( member of BD)

    15. Zarifşen Menteşoğlu (member of BD)



    1. Fedaye Mirillo

    2. Ülfer Uluel


    Manger of Area and Member of Board of Directories:

    1. Akdoğan: Özlem Aktuna

    2. Alsancak / Girne ve İngilizlerden Sor.: Nülten Oral

    3. Alaniçi - Dörtyol: Faika Ergeç

    4. Boğazköy: Hasan Kelebek

    5. Boğaztepe: Özgül Özgüç

    6. Dikmen: Ceylan Dede

    7. Esentepe: Adalet Şahiner

    8. Gazimağusa: Zarifşen Menteşoğlu

    9. Girne: Şaziye Çınaroğlu

    10. Güzelyurt: Kezban Dikmenay

    11. İskele: Ersin Nizam

    12. Kalavaç: Betül Şah

    13. Köprü: Işın Alıkan

    14. Lapta: Nidai Keleş

    15. Lefkoşa: Ziynet Selçuk

    16. Lefkoşa: İlkiz Akrep

    17. Lefkoşa: Şule Ulunay

    18. Lefkoşa: Nuran Tanca Şekeroğlu

    19. Lefke: Güney Aktulga

    20. Mehmetçik: Ayşe Adalıer

    21. Mormenekşe: Fatma Güral

    22. Serdarlı: Ayşe Oben

    23. Tuzla: Meliha Önder

    24. Türkmenköy: Tülay Dürüst

    25. Yeniboğaziçi: Raziye Bolkan


    Disciplinary Board


    1. Av. Cüneyt H. Küçük

    2. Emine Ertay

    3. Faik Aktulga


    Supervisory Board

    1. Emel Akgönül

    Youth Branches

    Head: Halil Karasoy